Due to the State of Emergency declared on August 12, 2016 by Governor John Bel Edwards in response to the historic flooding in parts of Louisiana, and the inability of many insurance policy holders to repair their property within normal time frames because of a shortage of building materials, contractors, and construction workers, the Commissioner of Insurance promulgated Emergency Rule 28, which went into effect retroactively on August 12, 2016. Emergency Rule 28 suspended statutory provisions of the Insurance Code concerning cancellations, terminations, nonrenewals, and nonreinstatements of insurance policies due to a material change in the insured risk, and also gives insureds additional to comply with other policy provisions.

Since Emergency Rule 28 was issued, the Department of Insurance has extended its effectivity with Emergency Rule 30, effective October 13, 2016, and, most recently Emergency Rule 32, which is effective February 10, 2017.

Emergency Rule 32 extends the life of Emergency Rule 28 through May 10, 2017.

The emergency rule applies to all lines of insurance and all regulated entities.