Thousands of companies operating in Louisiana have been affected by the catastrophic storms and flooding of August 2016. These companies have been impacted in many ways, including by flood water damages and by interruption in their day-to-day commerce. This natural disaster will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in legal questions, activities, and disputes as these businesses attempt to navigate the recovery process.

McGlinchey Stafford, which created the Hurricane Law Blog after Hurricane Katrina as a free service to help guide the business community through that disaster’s resulting legal thicket, is now similarly publishing the Flood Law Blog with the goal of assisting companies with their recovery challenges arising from the 2016 flood.

The Flood Law Blog seeks to offer the business community a central repository for information about flood-related legislation, litigation, and regulatory issues affecting companies that operate or conduct business in the flood-impacted regions. As recovery efforts progress throughout these areas, the Flood Law Blog aims to offer readers current news, forward-looking articles, opinion, and commentary concerning legal issues of interest to the business community in their rebuilding efforts.

We welcome input and questions from our readers, as the Flood Law Blog is designed to be interactive. Please reach out to us through the comments section of each post, or by contacting us. Additionally, the site’s search function allows readers to search our posts, and this function will evolve into a database of flood-related resources and information as it is published in the coming months. In addition, the Flood Law Blog email notification system allows readers to subscribe to receive new posts by email or RSS feed.

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