Due to the State of Emergency declared on August 12, 2016 by Governor John Bel Edwards in response to the historic flooding in parts of Louisiana, and the inability of many insurance policy holders to repair their property within normal time frames because of a shortage of building materials, contractors, and construction workers, the Commissioner

The Louisiana flood disaster unfortunately brings to the fore a unique set of issues for banks and financial institutions, both those located in south Louisiana and those who have customers impacted by the flooding. Many financial institutions have branches, offices, and operation centers that sustained flood damage. Many more have customers whose homes were flooded

Due to the State of Emergency and the historic flooding in parts of Louisiana, the Commissioner of Insurance is promulgating Emergency Rule 27, which retroactively suspends statutory provisions of the Insurance Code concerning cancellations, terminations, nonrenewals, and nonreinstatements of insurance policies, and also gives insureds more time to comply with other policy provisions.

The emergency