The Baton Rouge Area Foundation is providing assistance across South Louisiana in the wake of widespread funding where it is needed most. There are several ways to help those affected.

The Foundation established the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund earlier this year to help people after spring flooding in North Louisiana. It was opened with a $100,000 gift from the Foundation’s assets. Contributions to this fund are tax deductible. This fund will be used immediately to aid non-profits responding to the flooding in our area. After the immediacy of the disaster has passed, this fund will transition to supporting the long-term recovery effort. To contribute online, please visit Louisiana Flood Relief Fund.

The Foundation is also working with local companies to establish Employee Assistance Funds. This charitable service provides a vehicle for employers to aid employees who face unexpected catastrophes. Contributions to these funds are tax deductible and all grants received by employees from an Employee Assistance Fund do not count toward taxable income. To see a list of existing employee assistance funds, please visit Employees 1st.

If you would like additional information, contact Elizabeth Hutchison at the Foundation at or (225) 381-7080.